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Caroline Hoemann

Department of Chemical Engineering


Research interests

My tissue engineering research program is developing novel biomaterial implants that stimulate subchondral bone and articular cartilage repair. Our approach is to develop solid, thrombogenic implants that stimulate macrophages to release endogenous wound-healing factors on-site. By another approach, polymer formulations are being developed to inject in the joint after knee surgery, to suppress the type of global knee inflammation that works against new tissue growth. We are analyzing the role of exosomes, small thrombogenic lipid vesicles released by cells, on the inflammatory process. We are using a library of structurally distinct chitosans, and fluorescent chitosan derivatives to define molecular motifs that stimulate specific therapeutic inflammatory responses both in vitro and in vivo.Our long-term aim is to understand how inflammation guides tissue regeneration, and to bring new medical devices to the clinic that can be used to treat people suffering from arthritis.



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