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Frédéric Sirois

Department of Electrical Engineering


Research interests

Characterization and modeling of electric and magnetic properties of materials: ferromagnetic, superconductors, composites, metals.

Fabrication and optimization of conductive coatings for diverse applications: second generation superconducting wires, lightning strike protection, etc.

Theory of nonlinear magnetic diffusion and its applications: eddy currents, induction heating, impedance tomography for non-destructive testing, etc.

Numerical methods in electromagnetics: finite elements, integral methods, equivalent electric circuit models, etc.

Numerical simulation of strongly coupled nonlinear electromagnetic and thermal phenomena.

Design of superconducting devices: fault current limiters, high current cables, electromagnets.

Energy storage technologies: electrical, thermal and magnetic.

Research unit(s)

NSERC subjects

  • 2007 Composites
  • 2012 Magnetic materials
  • 2013 Superconductors
  • 2501 Power systems
  • 2502 Electromagnetics, compatibility and interference
  • 2515 Electronic materials and components
  • 2516 Energy conversion and distribution
  • 2955 Numerical analysis
  • 2960 Mathematical modelling
  • 3108 Experimental methods and instrumentation


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