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Yves-Alain Peter

Department of Engineering Physics


Research interests

Design, fabrication and characterization of optical micro and nano systems. Optical MicroElectro Mechanical Systems (OMEMS) are multidisciplinary by essence. Their optical, electrostatic, mechanical design is based on analytical studies and numerical simulations. The fabrication is based on micro and nano machining of silicon, using thin film layer deposition as well as dry (plasma) and wet etching. Nanofabrication of photonic crystals coupled with mobile MEMS devices, open the path to novel tunable nanophotonic devices. Applications of MEMS and NEMS are numerous: pressure sensors, accelerometers, inkjet printer heads, projection displays, astronomical telescopes (adaptive mirrors) as well as optical telecommunication and biology.

Research unit(s)

NSERC subjects

  • 2523 Semiconductor fabrication and packaging
  • 2518 Instrumentation and measurements
  • 2107 Modelling, simulation and finite element methods
  • 2505 Photonic devices and networks
  • 3110 Optics (see also photon devices 2505)
  • 3111 Lasers
  • 3112 Photonics
  • 3303 Surfaces, interfaces and thin films
  • 1901 Biomedical technology


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