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Photo of Isabelle Villemure

Isabelle Villemure

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research interests

The fundamental objective of professor Villemure researches is to improve our understanding of the mechanical regulation of growth and development of bone tissues in order to exploit this knowledge for the orthopedic treatment of progressive musculoskeletal pathologies affecting infants and adolescents in clinics. To do so, she and her group are investigating and overlaping three complementary avenues of research: I) Experimental tissue and cell mechanics (to characterize stress-strain relationships of growth plates, their cells and certain cellular components in response to loading); II) Mechanotransduction (to establish in vivo the metabolic responses of growing bones to loading and optimized growth modulation parameters); and III) Design of minimally invasive treatments (design and characterize in vivo new inteventions based on optimized growth modulation for the treatment of progressive pediatric skeletal deformities).

  • Mechanobiology
  • Experimental tissue and cell mechanics
  • Design
  • Implant
  • Mechanical growth modulation
  • Growth plate
  • Biomechanical modeling

Research unit(s)

NSERC subjects

  • 1903 Biomechanics
  • 2001 Materials structure, properties and testing
  • 2107 Modelling, simulation and finite element methods


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