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The bibliographic data is imported from Polytechnique Montréal's Directory of Publications. The bibliography below includes a majority of publications written by a professor/researcher affiliated with Polytechnique, since 1994 (if applicable). Publications before the professor's/researcher's affiliation with Polytechnique or before 1994 may also be included in this list. You may also consult the Directory of Scientific & Technical Publications for more information about the document type coverage.

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7 Edward Michael Gertz, Tero Hiekkalinna, Sebastien Le Digabel, Charles Audet, Joseph D. Terwilliger, Alejandro A. Schaffer (2014). PSEUDOMARKER 2.0: Efficient computation of likelihoods using NOMADBMC Bioinformatics, 15(47), p. 1-8. DOI : 10.1186/1471-2105-15-47 
8 Marie Minville, Dominique Cartier, Catherine Guay, Louis-Alexandre Leclaire, Charles Audet, Sebastien Le Digabel, James Merleau (2014). Improving process representation in conceptual hydrological model calibration using climate simulationsWater Resources Research, 50(6), p. 5044-5073. DOI : 10.1002/2013WR013857 
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