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Photo of Dominique Pelletier

Dominique Pelletier

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research interests

  • Fluid mechanics and heat transfer
  • Finite element methods for flow and heat transfer problems
  • Adaptive finite element methods, modeling and simulation of viscous, laminar and turbulent, flows in compressible and incompressible regimes.
  • Modeling and simulation of fluid structure interaction problems
  • Verification and validation of CFD codes and simulations
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Optimal design and flow control application of the sensitivity equation method
  • Simulation of unsteady flows, sensitivity and control of unsteady flows
  • Applications to hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, heat transfer, bio-fluid mechanics, flow induced vibration, flow around flexible structures

Research unit(s)

NSERC subjects

  • 2107 Modelling, simulation and finite element methods
  • 2108 Aerospace, aeronautical and automotive engineering
  • 2203 Modelling, simulation
  • 2955 Numerical analysis
  • 2201 Turbulence
  • 2105 Hydraulics


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