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Directory of Expertises

Below is a directory of research expertises and research units at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. This database allows you to find information based on the research expertises of professors and researchers active at the École Polytechnique.

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Locate a Research units [search]

  • The École Polytechnique houses a variety of research units. These units group together professors and researchers working on a particular subject and are usually multidisciplinary in nature.
  • Most member professors and researchers of these units are also full-time members of a department at the École Polytechnique.
  • The primary objective of the research unit is to provide a stimulating environment for its member researchers and the students they are supervising, foster innovation, and increase the visibility of important research activities. The units generally receive financial support from funding agencies and other institutions.

A Research Center [search]

  • Research centres report directly to the Department of Research and Innovation. They may be inter-institutional, i.e., involve at least one other institution. These centres represent a significant structuring of resources and are overseen by a director and administrative office.

A Research Group [search]

  • Research groups have a more flexible structure—they may be departmental (associated with only one department) or interdepartmental.
A Chair [search]

Indutrial chair

  • The industrial chair is a research initiative lead by an appointed researcher (plus a second researcher in some cases), accompanied by a support team and students. An important source of funding for these chairs comes from the private sector, although some are jointly sponsored with NSERC.

Canada research chair

  • There are two types of Canada Research Chairs:
    • Tier 1 Chairs—tenable for seven years and renewable; held by outstanding researchers recognized by their peers as world leaders in their field; and
    • Tier 2 Chairs—tenable for five years and renewable once; held by exceptional emerging researchers acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field.

A Laboratory [search]

  • Laboratories are facilities that group together research equipment in a given field or subject area. They are used for research purposes by professors, researchers, research personnel and students.


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