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Canada Research Chair in Materials Micro/Nanoenrineering Using Lasers

Professor Meunier works on a wide range of laser-related research, including study of laser-material surface interactions and development of new processing techniques for materials, especially related to microelectronics and biomedicals.

Lighting Up the Materials of the Future

Micro-/nanoengineering is used to conceive and produce so-called thin film materials, combinations of materials, micro-structures and nanostructures for applications in fields as diverse as telecommunications, micro-electronics and photonics, aeronautics and aerospace, bio-medical engineering, energy, and advanced materials. Because these types of materials represent enormous potential for highly cost-effective and efficient new technologies, micro-/nanoengineering is a vast and promising field of research that will pave the way to innovation.

Although laser technology has been in wide use since the 1960s, new developments continue to make the laser a highly effective tool for transforming, adding or removing materials such as metals, semiconductors, ceramics and polymers. Dr. Michel Meunier has established an international reputation as a leader in the area of laser-based surface processing, and his research program as Canada Research Chair in Laser Micro-/Nanoengineering of Materials will benefit from the substantial resources at École Polytechnique de Montréal's Laser Processing Laboratory. His work will focus on three complementary areas: understanding the basic phenomena of laser-material surface interactions, through modelling and diagnostic measurements; developing new laser processes using femtosecond (one-quadrillionth of a second) pulses; and applications for the design and processing of new materials, micro- and optoelectronic circuits, micro-electomechanical systems and bio-medical devices.

Specific topics to be addressed by Dr. Meunier and his associates include: the nanoscience of laser-material interactions, which will provide a basis for future applications in laser-material micro-/nanoengineering; femtosecond laser materials processing; the micro-technology of integrated micro-electronic circuits; and the fabrication and application of nanostructured materials by pulsed lasers.

Because of the diversity in current laser-processing and material-characterization equipment, Dr. Meunier's research activities will be very broad, extending from fundamental aspects of laser-materials interactions to the application of laser techniques for industrial purposes. For some of these subjects, research will be conducted in collaboration with other specialized academics and/or industry partners.

Michel Meunier, Full professor
Engineering Physics department
(514) 340-4711 ext. 4971


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