Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials

The 9th International conference on Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials

Hotel Delta Montreal
475, President-Kennedy Avenue
Montreal, H3a 1j7 Canada

MAY 27th - 30th 2014


Aims and scope

The purpose of this conference is to foster exchanges between researchers dealing with mechanical (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, rheology, etc.) time-dependent aspects of different materials so as to generate new ideas and solutions for nowadays problems. The conference will deal with materials like polymers, composites, metals, soft matter, living tissues, soils, wood, civil engineering building materials (asphalt, concrete), etc. Contributions dealing with fundamental modeling and experimental aspects, as well as with applications relying on time-dependent aspects will be presented.

The conference features 4 keynotes presentation given by world class experts dealing with polymers, composites, metals and living tissues. The keynote presentations will overview the key modelling and experimental issues related to these materials, as well as presenting the most pressing issues that should be addressed by researchers in the following years. Special efforts will also be asked to the presenters for not only presenting new and interesting results, but also deliver presentations understandable by the whole audience. The underlying objective is that, for example, a researcher dealing with modeling of high temperature creep of nickel superalloys could grasp most of the presentation of a colleague presenting an in-situ experimental setup for measuring the viscoelastic response of arteras.

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Important deadlines

Abstract submission deadline :
Nov. 15th. 2013.

Early registration deadline :
Feb. 15th 2014

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