Claudette-MacKay-Lassonde and Pierre-Lassonde buildings

Green buildings

Polytechnique: At the cutting edge of sustainable development!

What do magma, earth, flora and sky have to do with Polytechnique? In fact, these elements serve as both colour scheme and inspiration for the new Claudette-MacKay-Lassonde and Pierre-Lassonde buildings, symbols of Polytechnique’s expertise in sustainable development!

Why? Come and see for yourself!

In December 2003, Canadian Architect magazine bestowed its Award of merit on the Lassonde project in recognition of the project’s environmental initiatives.

In October 2004, Polytechnique received the Pilier d'or in the “Technical Merit and Innovation” category from the Association des gestionnaires de parcs immobiliers institutionnels (AGPI).

Both awards honour the buildings’ combination of respect for the environment, efficiency objectives with a focus on sustainable development, technological innovation and innovative energy use.

Careful to meet recognized international standards at every step of the construction process, Polytechnique chose to enrol the Lassonde building project in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, with an eye to obtaining U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certification.

More details on October 3.

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