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Each semester, Immigration Québec visits Polytechnique and HEC Montréal to discuss immigration proceedings for international students.

For upcoming visits, consult our activity calendar.


What you need to know

Foreign students who plan to move to Canada after their studies as a qualified worker must apply for permanent residency.

Foreign students with no significant work experience or a Canadian degree and who wish to apply from inside Canada must start proceedings in the last year before graduation from their Canadian study program.

If you have many years of work experience and/or a degree, immigration procedures may be different. Contact Immigration Québec to find out more.

Students wishing to immigrate to Québec must go to Immigration Québec before starting proceedings with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

A few important things to remember before you begin:

  • The process is costly, with fees amounting to approximately $2,000
  • The process is long (18 to 30 months) and painstaking;
  • You will be asked about your linguistic skills and required to undergo medical examination;
  • You are not obliged to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant to represent you. A number of resources are available free of charge.

Note that Immigration Québec’s and Immigration Canada offer no personalized assistance and the International Students Office of Polytechnique cannot assist you with your permanent residence application. We strongly encourage you to attend the information sessions on the topic so that you can ask the immigration officials the right questions.   

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