J.-Armand-Bombardier Incubator

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Spin-off company: A business organization specifically created for the commercial development of discoveries from Polytechnique Montreal or Université de Montréal (the Institutions), pursuant to an agreement between the company and the said institutions (or their duly mandated delegate).

Incubation: Period of time during which a company is extended the privilege of leasing incubator facilities of the J.-Armand-Bombardier building, pursuant to a written agreement (Research Agreement) between that company and at least one of the institutions. The institutions may exercise their discretion and are not obligated in any way to extend such privilege to any company.

Type of activities

The tenants must use the incubator facilities strictly for research and development purposes. A company cannot have its place of business or administrative offices within the facilities. Moreover, the Management Committee reserves the right to set restrictions on the type of research activities carried out within the incubator. Such restrictions will take into account research activities conducted by university personnel in the J.-A-Bombardier building and possibly those of other businesses located in the incubator. Applications for incubation activities may be rejected should the Executive Committee deem the research activities planned by the applicants to potentially interfere with or disrupt the research of other researchers already operating in the J.-Armand-Bombardier building.

Application for incubation

Companies interested in locating in the incubator must submit a written application for incubation. Applications shall be sent to one of the members of the Joint Management Committee and must include the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of the company;
  • Names and titles of managers;
  • Name(s) of university faculty or investigators the company originates from or who have ties with the latter;
  • Reasons why the company wishes to operate in the incubator;
  • Type of research activities the company intends to conduct in the incubator;
  • Duration of incubation needed; and
  • Planned cooperation initiatives involving university research groups, if applicable. 

Applications for incubation will be reviewed by the Joint Management Committee. Recommendations will be made by the committee to the Executive Committee empowered to accept or reject the application. A written response will be forwarded to the applicant within 45 days after receiving the application.

Solvency / Business plan

An application for incubation must include the company’s current business plan and a proof of financial responsibility.

Selection criteria

Applications for incubation are reviewed using several criteria, including:

  • Type of business operated by the applicant (internal or external spin-off, other type of business, etc.);
  • Type of R&D conducted;
  • Duration of incubation needed;
  • Space availability within the incubator;
  • Financial capability of the company;
  • Degree of anticipated cooperation with university researchers.

Length of stay in the Incubator

The duration of incubation may vary according to the needs of the company and the field it is in. However, it is not to exceed five (5) years. The minimum period a business may stay in the incubator is twelve (12) months. Tenant incubator companies cannot sublet the facilities in whole or in part.