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Détails et horaire du cours CAP7010E


Titre :Creativity: Yes you can
Nombre de crédits :1
Cycle :Études supérieures
Triplet (h/semaine) :1 - 0 - 2
Offert par :Génie mécanique
Responsable(s) :Élise Saint-Jacques
Préalable(s) :Being enrolled as a doctoral student.
Corequis :
Site Web :http://moodle.polymtl.ca/course/view.php?name=CAP7010E%20(015)
Documentation :
Note(s) : This course follows an irregular schedule. Please check the class schedule before you register.
Description :Definition of creativity. Steps for creativity: preparation, incubation, illumination and validation. Examples of discoveries. The four dimensions of intelligence: deduction, intuition, collective intelligence and creativity. Barriers to creativity: education, habits, expertise, judgment and admissibility. Approaches to stimulate scientific creativity: exploration, reformulation, generation of ideas, selection, testing-experimentation and organization. Confrontation of ideas. Application to the research context. Thoughts organization. Critical judgment. From idea to written expression. Approaches to formulate research questions, specific objectives or scientific hypotheses. Assessment of originality, uncertainty, risk, feasibility. Organizing ideas toward writing. Structure of argumentation.

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