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Détails et horaire du cours CAP7005E


Titre :Handling of scientific and technical info.
Nombre de crédits :1
Cycle :Études supérieures
Triplet (h/semaine) :1 - 0 - 2
Offert par :Génie mécanique
Responsable(s) :Élise Saint-Jacques
Préalable(s) :
Corequis :
Site Web :http://moodle.polymtl.ca/course/view.php?name=CAP7005E
Documentation :
Note(s) : This course follows an irregular schedule. Please check the class schedule before you register.
Note : This workshop is for doctoral students only and should be followed during their 3rd trimester of their doctoral studies. The workshop will be given in English.
Description :Identifying different sources of scientific and technical information. Defining a need for information. Search, retrieval and filtering techniques of information. Strategies, approaches and tools to perform a literature review and to determine the technological state of the art. Techniques to optimize information search. Management methods (organize-find-monitor) for gathered and created information. Ethical and legal use and handling of information. Dissemination and valorisation of relevant information. Implementation of monitoring activities. Principles of critical analysis of a scientific article. Application to a research project.

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