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Détails et horaire du cours CAP7001E


Titre :Ensuring a successful doctorate
Nombre de crédits :1
Cycle :Études supérieures
Triplet (h/semaine) :1 - 0 - 2
Offert par :Génie mécanique
Responsable(s) :Élise Saint-Jacques
Préalable(s) :Etre inscrit au doctorat
Corequis :
Site Web :http://moodle.polymtl.ca/course/view.php?name=CAP7001E
Documentation :
Note(s) : This course follows an irregular schedule. Please check the class schedule before you register.
Description :Characteristics of a quality doctorate. Skills to develop. Milestones of the doctoral pathway: Comprehensive exam, first publication, defense (classic thesis or dissertation by articles), towards the first job. Pitfalls to avoid. Expected deliverables. Formulation of doctorate quality criteria and means to achieve them. Scientific aspects: original contribution and impact, difference between research and technological innovation. Personal aspects: motivation, time and priority management. Professional aspects: skills to develop, resources to mobilize, networking, preparing for the career after doctorate. Experience sharing with young and established researchers.

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