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Éric Germain (6)

  • Journal articles (3)
    • 2020
      • Journal article
        Bouchard St-Amant, P.-A., Brabant, A.-N. & Germain, É. (2020). University Funding Formulas: An Analysis of the Québec Reforms and Incentives. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 50(1), 27 pages. Retrieved from
    • 2008
      • Journal article
        Germain, É. & Robillard, P.N. (2008). Towards Software Process Patterns: an Empirical Analysis of the Behavior of Student Teams. Information and Software Technology, 50(11), 1088-1097. Retrieved from
    • 2004
      • Journal article
        Germain, E. & Robillard, P.N. (2004). Engineering-based processes and agile methodologies for software development: a comparative case study. Journal of Systems and Software, 175(1-2), 17-27. Retrieved from
  • Conference papers (2)
    • 2003
      • Conference paper
        Germain, É. & Robillard, P.N. (2003). What cognitive activities are performed in student projects? Paper presented at the 16th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (pp. 224-231). Retrieved from
    • 2002
      • Conference paper
        Germain, E., Robillard, P.N. & Dulipovici, M. (2002). Process activities in a project based course in software engineering. Paper presented at the 32nd Annual Frontiers in Education, Boston, MA (pp. S3G-7 - S3G-12). Retrieved from
  • Theses (1)
    • 2004
      • Thesis
        Germain, É. (2004). Analyse comparative de la répartition de l'effort dans le cadre de processus logiciels (Master's Thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal).