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Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM)2

Phone: (514) 340-4788 Fax: (514) 340-4468

Research areas description

The (CM)2 is active in the following fields :

  • metal matrix composites: understanding and fundamental phenomena and utilization;
  • powder metallurgy: powder compressibility improvement, development of alloys with a better machining behavior;
  • zinc galvanized and galvannealed coatings: fundamental and applied research;
  • integrated microscopy: the Centre is developing software for the acquisition, treatment and quantification of spectrum images based on both electron energy loss spectroscopy and X-ray spectrometry. Researchers are currently at work on a new integrated image-analysis system.

Research staff

Professors / researchers (1)
Number of graduate students: 13
Number of research agents: 4

Specialized equipment

2 transmission electron microscopes equipped with an electron energy loss spectrometer and X-Ray energy dispersive spectrometer; 2 scanning electron microscopes equipped with X-ray energy dispersive spectrometers; Auger scanning electron microscope; image analysis system; 2 X-ray diffractometers and a variety of equipment for specimen preparation (ion beam thinning, electropolishing ultramicrotomy).

External sources of funding

NSERC, Alcan, Oerlikon, Domfer, Précitech, Noranda

News about Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM)2

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