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Philippe A. Tanguy meets the Polytechnique Montréal community

January 18, 2018 - Source : NEWS

Polytechnique Montréal welcomes back the former faculty member, appointed to a four-year term as CEO of Polytechnique.

At the beginning of the year, Philippe A. Tanguy, who holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Université Laval, returned to Polytechnique Montréal—where he taught in the Department of Chemical Engineering for 15 years and held two research chairs—as the institution’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Attending the traditional Polytechnique Montréal New Year’s breakfast in the Lorne-M.-Trottier Atrium of the Lassonde buildings, Mr. Tanguy said he has been delighted with the welcome shown him since he arrived.

“I’ve been quite touched by the friendly welcome from the Polytechnique Montréal community,” he said. “I’ve seen many familiar faces and met a lot of young faculty members and employees, and the reactions have been nothing but positive. I want to congratulate François Bertrand, our Chief Research, Innovation and International Officer, for doing a fantastic job as interim CEO over the past few months.”

In the weeks to come, Mr. Tanguy will be making the rounds of faculty and administrative departments, as well as associations, labour unions, and committees, getting to know everyone. In addition, his priority focus will be on mapping out the strategic plan for the coming years, to be defined in collaboration with all Polytechnique Montréal community stakeholders.

“I’ve taken up my new duties at an institution that’s in great shape thanks to everyone’s hard work. And it’s precisely by working together that we will take Polytechnique Montréal to the next level when it comes to visibility, quality and positioning,” he concluded.

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Philippe A. Tanguy, directeur général de Polytechnique Montréal

Philippe A. Tanguy, CEO of Polytechnique Montréal.

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