Information Documents

A large number of information documents are produced every year to answer your questions about Polytechnique. Please feel free to download and read them right now!

Information documents for Canadians and permanent residents:

Canadians and permanent residents (.pdf)
(in French only)
Leaflet - Canada (.pdf)
(in French only) 

Information documents for applicants that have completed their studies elsewhere in the world:

Brochure - International Students (.pdf) 
Leaflet - Africa (.pdf)
(in French only) 
Leaflet - Brazil (.pdf)
(in French only) 
Leaflet - China (.pdf)
Leaflet - France (.pdf)
(in French only) 
Leaflet - Lebanon (.pdf)
(in French only)
Leaflet - Morocco (.pdf)
(in French only) 
Leaflet - United-Kingdom (.pdf)
(in French only) 
Leaflet - Tunisia (.pdf)
(in French only)

Information documents specific to each specialty:

Biomedical Engineering (.pdf)
Chemical Engineering (.pdf)
Civil Engineering (.pdf)
Electronical Engineering (.pdf
Energy and Nuclear Engineering (.pdf) 
Industrial Engineering (.pdf)
Computer and Software Engineering (.pdf) 
Mathematics (.pdf)
Mechanical Engineering (.pdf)
Mineral Engineering (.pdf
Engineering Physics (.pdf)

The graduate studies directory contains all the graduate studies rules and all the information in regards to the different programs offered:

Graduate studies – Program Directory (.pdf) (in French only)