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13th Journée de la recherche at Polytechnique: students rewarded

June 5, 2014 - Source : NEWS

The 13th edition of Polytechnique's Journée de la recherche (Research Day) took place on Thursday, May 29, under the theme “Informations libres: Impacts et enjeux” (Open information: impacts and issues). Three competitions were open to students. The prizes were awarded by a jury made up of experts working in research.

Science poster competition for graduate students 

In the doctoral student category, the first prize was awarded to Antoine Leblanc-Hott, under the supervision of Prof. Yves-Alain Peter, for his poster entitled “Optofluidic Device for High-Resolution and Multiparametric Measurement of Single Biological Cells.”

The second prize was awarded to Anne-Laure Ménard, under the supervision of Prof. Isabelle Villemure, for her poster entitled “La plaque de croissance demeure active après application et retrait d'une compression statique in vivo” (“growth plates remain active after application and withdrawal of static compression in vivo”).  

In the master's student category, the first prize was awarded to Andréanne Goyette, under the supervision of Prof. Frédéric Leblond, for her poster entitled “Integrated Optical Spectroscopy System to Guide Brain Needle Biopsies.”

The second prize was awarded to Maryam Sadat Tabatabaei Shafiei, under the supervision of Prof. Frédéric Lesage, for her poster entitled “Two-Photon Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscopy for In Vivo Quantification of Astrocytic Calcium Concentration and Vasodynamic Study.”

Poster competition: UPIR bursary students

This competition was intended for undergraduate students who had their first research experience through a UPIR internship.

The first prize was awarded to Christophe Leclerc, under the supervision of Prof. Annie Ross of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, for his poster entitled “Analyse modale de structures sandwich en composites possédant des couches viscoélastiques dans les Peaux” (“modal analysis of composite sandwich structures with viscoelastic layers in the skin”).

The second prize was awarded to William Trottier-Lapointe, under the supervision of Prof. Ludvik Martinu of the Department of Engineering Physics, for his poster entitled “Dispositifs piézochromiques pour combattre la contrefaçon” (“piezochromic devices to fight counterfeiting”).

The third prize was awarded to Eddie Magnidé, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Buschmann of the Department of Chemical Engineering, for his poster entitled “Validation in vitro de la biofonctionnalité de la protéine recombinante TNFR pour le blocage de la cytokine TNFa” (“in vitro validation of the biofunctionality of the recombinant TNFR protein for blocking TNFa cytokine”).

Engineering in Pictures Competition

The big winner of the second edition of the “Génie en images” (Engineering in Pictures) competition is mechanical engineering student Renaud Passieux for his image entitled “Coutures de liquide bouclant sur le chas d'une aiguille” (“liquid stitches tied on the eye of a needle”). Our second prize was awarded to the image entitled “Des nanocapsules à l'assaut d'un îlot cancéreux” (“nanocapsules attacking a cancerous islet cell”) by biomedical engineering student Charles Fortier. The third prize was awarded to engineering physics students Michael Jermyn and Jeanne Mercier for their image “La lumière au service de la neurochirurgie : illuminer le cerveau pour détecter le cancer” (“light in service of neurosurgery: illuminating the brain to detect cancer”).

The competition had several objectives: to showcase the images coming out of research work carried out at Polytechnique, to stimulate interest in and curiosity about scientific knowledge within the Polytechnique community, to contribute to developing knowledge and new uses for scientific imagery, and to act as a springboard for the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) competition “La preuve par l'image” (in French only). 

Congratulations to all the winners!

The winners, pictured with Gilles Savard, Dean of Research and Innovation at Polytechnique.

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