Forum mondial Principes de publication scientifique, Malaga, Espagne, 22 au 24 mai 2024


November 22 to 25, 2022
Venue: Galapagos Science Center, USFQ – UNC-Chapel Hill

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The 1st forum hosted by Polytechnique Montreal welcomed delegates remotely and in person from 32 countries and 30 scientific disciplines. We addressed the mechanics and ethics of publishing research, authorship, reporting data, journal metrics, and writing. The second edition of this event will strengthen international cooperation globally but also within the diverse disciplines. Our goal is to assemble scholars to encourage an open dialogue between the decision makers, coworkers, and students. Since the UN declared 2022-2032 the decade of indigenous languages, the program will address, among other things:

  • Publishing processes
    • How does English writing impact editors’ perception of quality?
    • Open access and publication costs
    • Arbitrary and deficient reviews 
  • Language
    • Indigenous languages in science
    • Disruptive linguistic norms in science
    • Multilingual Networking
  • Ethics
    • Orphan contributions, author attribution and negotiation
    • Disruptive linguistic norms in science
    • Impact of COVID-19 on the publication process
    • Equity, diversity, and inclusion
      • Inequitable funding availability and its impact on innovation
      • Country affiliation influence on citations
      • Tenure as an impediment for productivity

    Abstract Submission deadline: October 21st 2022


    Registration costs Early Bird, October 21st Regular*
    Professionals 320 US$ 420 US$
    Professors 300 US$ 400 US$
    Students 200 US$ 300 US$

    *Students can apply to scholarships to cover registration cost. Contact: Organizing Committee at