Facilities and laboratories

The research team has access to unique facilities, including new equipments acquired with support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), CREPEC and the Polynov laboratory.

Coextrusion Film Blowing (7 layers) and Film Casting (5 layers) Lines (Labtech) equipped with Calander, MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) and Corona Treatment

FTIR and Micro-ATR Spotlight 65 and 400 (Perkin Elmer)

Abraser (Geneq, Inc.)

Hottack/Seal Tester (LakoTool-TMI)

Flex Crack Tester (Vinatoru Entreprise Inc.)

Electropuls E3000 and Environmental Chamber (Instron)

Tensile and puncture tests

Thermal Laminator (BJ Creation Inc.)

Drying Oven (ThermoScientific)

Water Vapor Permeability Tester Aquatran (Mocon)

Oxygene Permeability Tester 10X (Mocon) with humidity control

Sputter Coater Q150T-ES (Soquelec)

Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope TM3030+(Hitachi) with EDX (Bruker)

Gas Pycnometer AccuPyc 1340 (Folio Instruments)