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Conception and Evaluation of Airplane Virtual Cockpits

( #réalité augmentée, #réalité virtuelle )

Objective: to develop an immersive VR and AR environment for the virtual airplane cockpits design and evaluation (some kind of "Holodeck") to enable various specialists to design, prototype, implement, evaluate and operate user interfaces and cockpits in an immersive environment.

This Holodeck aims to improve the fidelity of the simulation of different components of the cockpit and their use from the design up to the detailed design phases. It also aims at reducing the costs of construction and operation of the engineering and complete simulators (full-flight).

It will test and evaluate different cockpit components (e.g. new presentation devices, new input devices, new procedures, new displays, new guidance messages, new alarms, etc.). This platform will allow the analysis of behavior and performance evaluation of pilots using a virtual cockpit in a collaborative immersive environment.

3-ms-hololens2.jpg AirbusXV2_12.jpg AirbusXV2_3.jpg ms-hololens.jpg

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Highly Qualified Personnel Training (HQP) :

  • Maxence Hébert-Lavoie, May 2018 to April 2023, étudiant Ph.D. (C)
  • François Vidal, September 2019 to August 2022, étudiant M.Sc.A. (S)


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