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Conférence: Smart Nanostructured Polymers for Biomedical and Energy Applications

4 février 2019

Lundi 11 février 2019, 10h30, Polytechnique Montréal, Local C-630

Smart Nanostructured Polymers for Biomedical and Energy Applications 
Présentation par Prof Hani Naguib, Ph.D, P Eng, C Eng., University of Toronto
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Nanostructured materials related research and applications have grown tremendously in the past couple of decades. The emergence of natural and synthetic nanomaterials possessing a set of desired properties, along with the development of novel processing techniques and a willingness of competitive manufacturers to adopt new materials has resulted in new nanomaterials components replacing the roles of traditional materials. Nanostructured materials can also offer several benefits as components in multifunctional and smart materials. This seminar presents the design of nanostructured materials to achieve active and smart functionality that are capable of sensing and responding to external stimuli. Examples of smart materials used in this study are conducting polymers, shape-memory materials and piezoresistive composites with main applications in smart textiles, artificial muscles and energy harvesting. Since its establishment, one of the directives of the Smart and Adaptive Polymers Lab (SAPL) at the University of Toronto has been to actively seek the research, development and use of nanocomposites and nanostructured polymers as multifunctional and smart materials. This seminar describes some efforts that SAPL has undertaken in line with this directive.