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Clinical Engineering Coordination


Ensure the link between different partners such as researchers, clinicians, industry and students, in the area of ​​musculoskeletal diseases. Coordinate priorities and mandates to ensure effective project delivery, user knowledge mobilization and clinical integration.


Nikita CobettoNikita Cobetto, Ing., Ph.D., Clinical-technical coordinator in the development of medical technologies in the field of musculoskeletal diseases.

To support the design, improvement and validation of conservative and surgical treatments for pediatric scoliosis, new diagnostic & prognostic technologies, and minimally invasive procedures, including:

  • Simulation of orthopedic treatments for spinal deformities such as orthopedic corsets and non-fusion treatments
  • Prototype manufacturing by 3D printing (prosthesis, orthosis, anatomical models)
  • Supervising the start of development projects and their validation in a clinical setting
  • Advising and ensuring good monitoring of ethical standards (ethical protocols, compliance with standards during development, experimental trials and integration of technologies in a practical environment)


Supervision and support for the start-up and follow-up of medical technology development projects in the field of musculoskeletal diseases, validation and integration in clinical practice and/or in hospitals.

  • Coordination with units, clinical and technical services personnel, companies, researchers, clinicians, etc.
  • Technical supervision of users and developers
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Support for business development


  • 3D printer
  • O-arm 2
  • Dynamic surface topography
  • Orthopedic operating room dedicated to research


Carl-Éric Aubin, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Full Professor, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal; Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, TransMedTech Institute; Scientist & Head, Musculoskeletal Diseases & Rehabilitation Axis, Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center; Deputy Director, Rehabilitation Technopole & Applied innovation; NSERC/Medtronic Industrial Chair in Biomechanics of the Spine, Canada Research Chair in Orthopedic Engineering.


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