TransMedTech Institute



Provide expertise in the use of non-irradiating multimodal imaging platforms for the patient, in order to promote the quality of life of patients and health care professionals involved in the management of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular pathologies.


Philippe Debanné, M.Sc.A., Electrical and Computer Engineering, is an expert in:

  • Acquisition and treatment of surface models by surface topography
  • Fusion of multimodal medical images
  • Imaging system design combining multiple modalities
  • 3D motion tracking
  • Image processing and analysis for the segmentation, identification and 3D reconstruction of anatomical structures of interest


  • Acquisition of surfaces of objects of varied size to obtain a surface model of precision millimeter
  • Human body surface acquisition in dynamic mode (real time)
  • Post-treatment of surfaces to produce adequate models for various uses
  • Access and basic training for the use of a high performance ultrasound system with several acquisition modes (B-mode, Doppler, etc.)
  • Access and basic training for the use of a 3D motion tracking system
  • Consulting service for the operation of other minimally invasive imaging platforms (biplane coronarography, OCT)
  • Consulting service for the design of 3D reconstruction systems from multimodal images
  • Consultation service for the treatment and analysis of medical images

We also provide a consultation service in the use of the following medical imaging platforms at CHU Sainte-Justine:

  • Use of 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for geometric modeling of the complete trunk of patients
  • Use of low-dose biplane (EOS) radiography system for geometric modeling of trunk bone structures
  • Using Toshiba's biplane coronarography system for 3D reconstruction of coronary arteries


The main platforms and equipment we offer to the community are:

  • Multi-head system for static surface topography, large field, precision millimeter (InSpeck Capturor II LF, 4 acquisition heads)
  • System of static surface topography, small field, millimetric precision (InSpeck Capturor II SF, 1 acquisition head)
  • High-speed dynamic topography system, millimetric precision (*)
  • Multi-mode ultrasound system (Siemens Acuson S2000) with linear, curvilinear and high-definition probes
  • 3D motion tracking system (MicronTracker)
  • 3D coordinate measuring device (MicroScribe)

(*) The dynamic mode surface acquisition system will only be available in autumn 2018.


Farida Cheriet, Ph.D., Full Professor, Department of Computer and Software Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal 


A collaboration and/or service agreement will be put in place. Access fees may be charged depending on the scope of the mandates. For members of the academic sector who are not members of TransMedTech, the fees associated with the services offered by the expert will be $ 80 per hour.