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Series of TransMedTech Scientific Cafés

May 6, 2020

Register for the 4th TransMedTech Scientific café on May 11th at 11am.

Presentations and Q & A in French and English.

The 3rd TransMedTech Scientific Café took place on May 4th.

Présentations en français, Q & A in French and English.

Researchers' contact and expertise:

Marie-Ève Cantin

Youstina Daoud

Pr Géraldine Merle

The 2nd TransMedTech Scientific café took place on April 27, 2020 at 11am.

See details for each presentation on Eventbrite, as you register to get the zoom link.


The 1st TransMedTech Scientific café took place on April 20, 2020

Noble metals are the most exciting materials, being developed throughout the research world. Morteza will talk about future technological breakthroughs, for example in medicine, which are coming true now largely by means of plasmonic nanomaterials. Because of their unique optical features (absorption, scattering, and field enhancement), surface reactivities, and long-term biocompatibility in vitro and in vivo, plasmonic nanostructures have been and will continue to be the dominant material to generate and develop novel approaches (i.e., diagnosis and treatment) in #biomedical innovation, which can eventually be translated into clinical settings.

Aymeric's mission is to revolutionize learning techniques for the surgical team.