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Prestigeous TechConnect Innovation Awards to Gold-Silver Alloy Nanoprobes for Clinical Immunolabeling

June 25, 2019

Univalor presented among its portfolio the "Gold-Silver Alloy Nanoprobes for Clinical Immunolabeling" prototype in Boston at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference last week.

The technology developed by one member of the Institute TransMedTech scientific committee Pr Michel Meunier and his team, was identified as top 15% of submitted technologies.

This will bring greater visibility to the research project, classified as TRL4 and subsidized by TransMedTech, as TechConnect Innovation rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector. Innovations were submitted from global academic technology transfer offices, early-stage companies, small business innovative research (SBIR) awardees, and government and corporate research laboratories.

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Technology Summary

ANPs strongly scatter light, such that quantification is then a simple matter of particle counting and can be automated through image analysis software. Furthermore, it is possible to control the color of the ANPs by controlling their composition. Thus, ANPs with different colors can target different markers simultaneously for multiplexed detection. ANPs offer a stable signal because they do not suffer from photobleaching. Moreover, the strong optical allows direct immunolabeling without the need for secondary antibodies such that the preparation time is significantly reduced and multiplexing should be free from cross-reactivity. The target application is immunolabeling of biopsy tissues for cancer diagnosis and personalized treatment selection. Different markers (proliferation markers, hormone markers...) have already been identified in correlation with specific treatments for number of high incidence cancers such as breast cancer and lung cancer.

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