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1st TransMedTech Rendez-vous

December 18, 2018


On Decembre 13th, more than 170 participants gathered for the 1st TransMedTech Rendez-vous to appreciate the numerous accomplishments that were realized since the foundation of the TransMedTech Institute (iTMT) and to approach, tame and deepen several key concepts at the basis of the iTMT.

Thirthy lecturers came to demystify the Living Lab and user-partner approaches, 2 central and important concepts of at the heart of iTMT and to present various iTMT achivements. This meeting also made it possible to forge links between the different stakeholders, to promote exchanges and collaborations, as well as to mobilize the actors of our ecosystem.

We want to thank all participants for this beautiful day of exchange and sharing. We hope to see you again next year for the 2nd TransMedTech Rendez-Vous!

"It can be said without a doubt that this 1st TransMedTech Rendez-Vous was rich in exchanges and knowledge transfert, allowing to better understand and appreciate the numerous achievements and also to address and deepen the understanding of several key concepts at the basis of the TransMedTech Institute."
Carl-Éric Aubin, Executive and Scientific Director of the TransMedTech Institute

"We realize how much we are part of the research teams because early in the support process, we managed to support the researchers at multiple levels by identifying their needs using an attentive listening approach."
Catherine Marchand, Senior Advisor, Innovation & Project Development, TransMedTech Institute

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