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Funding and support programs

The TransMedTech Institute offers several funding and support programs related to scientific research in innovative medical technologies. 

Check this section of our website regularly for current programs.

Medical Technologies

Project can be submitted at any time - contact us to discuss it.

Professors and researchers who are members of founding institutions may submit a medical technology innovation project at any time to the TransMedTech Institute. There is a multi-stage process to complete with the TransMedTech Living Lab's Development and Integration Unit (UDI) team before submitting the file to an External Evaluation Committee, which meets several times during the year. Thus, the deadline for the evaluation of a project depends on several factors (date of contact, agreements to be concluded, level of completeness of the file, etc.).

The project may arise from a need or challenge identified in the health system or within a medical technology company, stem from an idea or solution suggested by stakeholders in the field, or be based on existing projects in any phase of development.

Your project must be part of one of the technological categories and medical sectors prioritized by the TransMedTech Institute.

Submit a project
To submit a project, you must first contact the TransMedTech Living Lab UDI team by e-mail. You will be accompanied by a project manager to make a first multidisciplinary evaluation (legal, technical-commercial, regulatory, financial, etc.) of your project, then to prepare a co-development plan when your project corresponds to the mission and objectives of TransMedTech. More specifically, the preliminary stages for submssion of the file for evaluation include a co-creation exercise leading to the mapping out of a co-development plan that maximizes project value.
For full details, it is essential to read the Medical Technology Project Guide (.pdf).
Next project submission date: October 23, 2019
All projects selected under the TransMedTech project financing and support program are designed to meet important needs of the health sector or a medical technology company and/or to develop solutions suggested by professionals in the field. Projects that have passed the first evaluation stage receive financial support and support from the TransMedTech Living Lab UDI team.
For the evaluation of the files, a committee of external experts (industry experts, researchers, representatives of paragovernmental or social-services agencies, patient-partners, etc.) meets several times a year. Submissions are treated confidentially and an audit of potential conflicts of interest is performed beforehand to ensure fair treatment for all.
Consult the list of selected projects - Spring 2018 (.pdf)
Consult the list of selected projects – Winter 2018 (.pdf)
Consult the list of selected projects – Fall 2017 (.pdf

If you have any questions about this program, please write to

Graduate and posdoctoral research excellence awards


Next project submission date: September 21st 2020, 4pm

The ITMT training program aims to train the next generation of researchers and professionals in an open-innovation ecosystem that will enable them to acquire valuable skills and understand issues related to the development of medical technologies from the idea to the use of the product in the health system. The program is intended for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows wishing to become professors and university researchers (academic profile), highly qualified employees working in medtech companies (industrial profile) or entrepreneurs in the medtech industry (entrepreneur profile).

The iTMT's ecosystem will allow the student to grow professionally and acquire an understanding of:

  • The health technology innovation cycle and its challenges (proof of concept, regulatory aspects, approval process, commercialization, evaluation by health agencies and hospitalization units, social acceptability, etc.);
  • Project development methodology based on a Living Lab open innovation approach;
  • Project management methods specific to the medtech environment;
  • The different phases leading to clinical studies and the certification of medical products.

TransMedTech awardees will benefit from various transdisciplinary training activities for the enrichment of their scientific, professional and personal skills. Each student will also be supervised by a multidisciplinary advisory committee set up to meet their individual needs and by the TransMedTech Institute's Living Lab CoDevelopment and Integration Unit (UDI), which will support them throughout their course and promote their professional development within their chosen profile (academic, industrial, entrepreneur).

Eligible research projects:

  • The project must be part of one of TransMedTech Institute’s priority medical categories and areas.
  • The principal investigator must be a regular full-time member of one of the TransMedTech Institute member institutions.*
  • All projects must be led by a director and co-director from different and complementary disciplines. The co-director can be from an institution that is not a member of the ITMT.
*Polytechnique Montréal, CHU Sainte-Justine, Université de Montréal, CHUM and Jewish General Hospital 

For full details about the TransMedTech Institute Excellence Scholarships Competition, eligibility criteria and steps to be taken, it is essential to read the

Guide for TransMedTech Institute Excellence Scholarships (.pdf)

Instructions (.pdf).

Update section 8 of the Application Form (.pdf)

 * Please follow instructions as to the number of words requested in the various sections

** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TransMedTech Institute is aware that finding an internship is difficult. In the event that a remote internship is not possible, as an alternative to the internship (section 12), please identify training activities (courses / conferences / training) that will allow you to develop skills useful to your career project. Depending on the evolution of the situation, a "classical" internship may be organized during the scholarship period.**

Project submission date: September 21st 2020, 4pm

You are invited to online info sessions

  • Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 11:30am (en français)
  • Tuesday, Sept 8th at 12:00 (in English)

Register here


Applications submitted under the Excellence Grants program are evaluated by a committee of external experts (researchers, industry experts, representatives of paragovernmental or social-services agencies, patient-partners, etc.). Applications are treated confidentially and an audit of potential conflicts of interest is performed beforehand to ensure fair treatment for all.

TransMedTech welcomed a first cohort of 18 students and postdoctoral fellows following a competition held in the fall of 2017. In addition, 19 students and postdoctoral fellows made up the second cohort of TransMedTech fellows in the winter 2018 edition. During the 3rd edition of the competition in the fall of 2018, 27 students and postdoctoral fellows received an offer of fellowship. The cohort following the fourth scholarship competition in the fall of 2019 is composed of 19 students and postdoctoral fellows.

Fall 2019 competition results (.pdf)

Fall 2018 competititon results (.pdf)
Spring 2018 competition results (.pdf)
Fall 2017 competition results (.pdf)


If you have any questions about the Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition, please consult our FAQ (.pdf) or write to

Qualified Professionals recruitment program

Deadline to submit an application: April 30th, 2019 - 5:00 pm

The Highly Qualified Professionals Recruitment Program (HQP) aims to support unique infrastructures and expertise to accompany research and development of medical technologies, including their implementation in the health system and/or the biomedical industry. These hand-picked professionals support interdisciplinary-intersectoral projects for the development, validation and implementation of medical technologies with high potential impact on patients and the health system.

Submit an application

Researchers wishing to submit a project to recruit highly qualified professionals must contact the TransMedTech Living Lab Development and Integration Unit (UDI) team by e-mail. You will be accompanied by a member of the UDI team in all stages to complete your application.

Nominations are submitted to an evaluation committee made up of members of the TransMedTech Institute Scientific Steering Committee and external members (researchers, industry experts, representatives of paragovernmental or social-services agencies, patient-partners, etc.). Files are treated confidentially and an audit of potential conflicts of interest is performed beforehand to ensure fair treatment for all.
TransMedTech welcomed its first cohort of 16 new highly qualified professionals following a fall 2017 competition. More specifically, the expertise of these professionals is being put to use on various technology platforms to support completion of projects of the TransMedTech ecosystem.
Consult the list of winners – 2017 competition results (.pdf
Consult the list of technology platforms 
Organization and financial support of events

Project can be submitted at any time.
The mission of the TransMedTech Institute (iTMT) is to develop and mobilize knowledge related to its targeted strategic areas, as well as to promote the influence of its members, for example by supporting the organization of activities for both internal and external audiences (e.g., symposium, workshop, roundtable, guest speaker, themed days).

TransMedTech draws on its entire community to build a program of events that are in keeping with the Institute's mission.

Who is eligible

Any researcher who is a member of one of the founding institutions* of the iTMT may submit an event project to obtain support service tailored to their needs.

To be eligible, the event must:

• correspond to the mission of the iTMT
• fit into one of TransMedTech's priority medical categories and areas
• meet standards of excellence
• reach a suitable number of participants from at least two founding institutions
• generate community outreach potential

What services are offered**

• Participation in the conceptualization and development of the agenda for the activity
• Logistical support, tips to ensure the success of the event
• Reasonable financial support (co-financing), while respecting the rules of the 3 federal councils
• Promotion of the activity to iTMT members and partners
• Other services to be discussed, as needed

*Polytechnique Montréal, CHU Sainte-Justine, Université de Montréal, CHUM, Jewish General Hospital in Montréal
**The services offered may vary from project to project and will be agreed upon after project analysis
Submit a project and evaluation process
You can submit a project at any time by providing the details listed below in a document of no more than two pages to
This document must contain:
1. Type of event (symposium, workshop, roundtable, etc.)
2. Suggested theme or title
3. iTMT technological and medical categories 
4. Target audiences
5. Number of participants involved
6. Potential location
7. Duration
8. If invited speaker, provide a CV (1 or 2 pages)
9. Time of year (approximate date of the event)
10. Summary of the proposed event in a few lines
11. Approximate budget and type of support sought from the iTMT (conceptualization, co-financing, logistics, etc.)

Evaluation process

Submitted event projects will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the iTMT Scientific Steering Committee according to the criteria outlined above. Successful projects will then be further elaborated with a member of the TransMedTech team to make a more detailed assessment of the workflow and schedule. With regard to financial support, a detailed assessment of the budget and other sources of funding will be required before any amount is awarded. We wish to be able to make a decision no more than two weeks after the receipt of the request, and if it is positive, start quickly the process of co-development of the event.

If you have any questions, please write to info.transmedtech@polymtl.