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Undergraduate Intern

Polytechnique interns are highly popular among employers

The overall satisfaction rate with regard to our students achieved an almost perfect score of 99%, according to an analysis of nearly a 1,000 final assessments by internship supervisors.

The Polytechnique interns:

  • show initiative (97.5%)
  • show practical understanding in solving problems encountered (98.5%)
  • perform quality work (98.5%)

More information below

1. Job or internship posting online via La Ruche

Use our Web-based internship and job management application called “La Ruche” to post internship and job offers, manage applications and plan interview logistics. If your company is not registered yet on La Ruche, do those following steps:

  1. Complete the company form
  2. You will receive soon a password by email.
  3. Post your internship offers online
2. Internship Confirmation

The employer can complete the Internship information Form (.pdf)**


The employer can send by e-mail at the following information :

  • Name and coordinates of the HR contact (name, job title, e-mail, phone)
  • Name and coordinates of the internship supervisor (name, job title, e-mail, phone)
  • Address of the company and internship location
  • Name of the student (and Poly ID number if known)
  • Internship description (5 to 10 lines)
  • Start date
  • End date (approximate)
  • Hourly salary
  • Number of hours per week


The employer can register the internship on La Ruche (Polytechnique Web-based internship and job management application.

**Please download the PDF file and open it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat so the digital signature and date selectors can work properly. 

3. Details of our coop and internship programs
How long are the internship?
  • The length of an internship is normally between 12 and 16 weeks.
  • The internship must be full-time, meaning it must require at minimum 30 hours per week, for an absolute minimum of 360 hours per internship.
  • Periods of eight months (two consecutive internships) and 12 months (three consecutive internships) are also available. Longer internships are especially useful for employers who have increased technical support needs, often for major projects.

When do the internships begin?

  • Summer internships normally begin between May 1st and June 1st.
  • Fall internships normally begin between July 1st and October 1st.
  • Winter internships normally begin between January 1st and February 1st.
Are interships paid?

Internships performed as part of a study course at Polytechnique are paid. However, there are exceptions, such as humanitarian internships and some international internships.

What are the internship objectives?

The objectives of the internships are:

• to solve increasingly complex problems and assume increasing responsibilities.

  • to regularly perform activities related to the subjects being studied;
  • to solve problems that require the application of engineering science in one or more specific fields.
  • to take part in one or more of the following exercises:
    • work with the financial, economic, regulatory and legal aspects of engineering work;
    • manage and facilitate a technical team;
    • solve industrial or environmental problems.

Interns must necessarily be provided with technical supervision to allow them to practise and evaluate their competencies and skills as future engineers. As such, it is crucial to have someone highly technically competent within the organization who can supervise the intern and transfer knowledge. Ideally the internship supervisor should be an engineer, or at the very least, an engineer must be able to check over the tasks carried out by the intern.

What are the deliverables for intership?
  • The company may ask the intern for all sorts of deliverables, as long as they remain realistic for an intern.
  • The deliverables which the intern must submit to the Internship and Placement Office in order for the internship to be evaluated are a final evaluation sheet and an eight-page report, written in French and signed by the internship supervisor.
Who provides follow-up during the internship?

The Internship and Placement Office conducts follow-up starting in the fourth week of the internship, to make sure that both the intern and the employer are satisfied. To do this, the internship co-ordinator visits, phones or holds a virtual meeting (via Skype for instance) as appropriate with the intern and the internship supervisor. Should there be a problem, the internship co-ordinator takes measures to solve it.