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Academic Project

Projects for solving your issues and discovering talent

Several of Polytechnique’s 12 engineering programs include a “capstone project” (active learning project) for each of the four program years. The projects, of varying scales, help students acquire solid experience in engineering design. Some of these projects are done in teams of three to six students; others are done individually.

Does your company have a particular issue that could be a challenge for our students?
Check the following table for the contact information of the professors responsible for these capstone projects, and submit your project ideas!

Undergraduate-level Capstone Project

  Individual capstone project (ICP) Large capstone project (LCP)
  See definition below the table See definition below the table
Project scale About 130 hours.  The student devotes one day a week during a semester. Between 800 and 1,600 hours.  Each student devotes one day a week for two semesters.
The company's contribution

The company provides a project description. A company engineer must also co-direct the project along with a Polytechnique professor.

The company provides a project description and can participate, if it wishes, in building the prototype. A company engineer must also participate in monitoring the project in accordance with a schedule determined by the department.

Deadline for submitting a project August 1 (fall semester), December 1 (winter semester), April 1 (summer semester) May 31 (fall and winter semesters)
Program(s) ******** FOR MORE INFORMATION *******
Biomedical and Electrical Darnly Dubois 514-340-4711 ext. 4202
Chemical and Industrial Fabienne Pinet 514-340-4711 ext. 4178
Civil Jean-Hugo Bussière 514-340-4711 ext. 4246
Mechanical and aerospace Christine Bordeleau 514-340-4711 ext. 4206
Computer, software and Physics Cindy Leclerc 514-340-4711 ext. 3624
Mining and Geological Brigitte Lafrance 514-340-4711 ext. 4070


ICP:(individual capstone project) --> Engineering design project determined by a professor or company engineer.

LCP:(large-scale capstone project) --> Student teams design and build a product or system in accordance with  trade practices and established standards, or resolve an industrial issue.