GITAN Research Group

The project

The GITAN  (Grammaire pour l'Interprétation de Textes et d'ANimations) project aims at developing an animation ontology.



This projet aims at creating a new language based on animation sequences in order to swap between text and graphics.

We are building a new technology aimed at improving the communication using animations. More specifically, the project will develop a grammar linking text and animation, thus allowing the conversion between them.

Such a grammar will allow us to lift the inherent ambiguity of natural languages. Using the powerful multimedia capacity of animation, we will be able to move from an abstract representation to a more concrete graphical view.

We will not create a large database of pre-built animations, but develop tools which will allow the automatic construction of animations by combining the atomic graphical objects from a precise semantic textual content


In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

- Aristotel