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Polytechnique Buildings

Main Building

Campus Université de Montréal
2500, chemin de Polytechnique

Surface Area: 71 650 m2

As in the past, the visions of builders continue to transform Québec society. This building, at the heart of the country’s economic and scientific development, has trained highly qualified engineers and specialists since 1956. Each year, close to 6,000 students are welcomed here, where they are taught the new realities of engineering. The addition of the Laboratoire de structures Hydro-Québec has expanded the building. Students primarily learn about the structural aspects of major civil engineering constructions in this international research building.

Pierre Lassonde and Claudette Mackay Lassonde buildings

Campus Université de Montréal
2700, chemin de la Tour

Surface Area: 32 700 m2

Canadian Architect magazine presented these buildings with an award of merit for the project’s environmental initiatives. These LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings increase Polytechnique’s current surface area by 40%. They are linked to the main building by an underground passage and house a multimedia library, an exhibition hall and several relaxation areas and computers connected to the Internet. Most of the activities related to the Department of Computer Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering and IT Services are located in these buildings.

J.-Armand Bombardier Building

Campus Université de Montréal
5155, Chemin de la rampe

Surface Area: 13 803 m2

This building, with 16,800 m 2 of floor space, is used by about 700 students, researchers and professors in nanotechnologies, biotechnology, aeronautics, biopharmaceuticals, aerospace, new materials, chemistry and education technologies. The new building includes areas reserved for pre-incubation, 19 white rooms and a 4,000-tonne anti-vibration block.

André Aisenstadt Building

Campus Université de Montréal
2920, chemin de la Tour

Surface Area: 3 166 m2

Polytechnique professors regularly collaborate with professors from Université de Montréal. The André Building houses multidisciplinary teams made up of representatives from Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Industrial Engineering.

BRIDGE Building (rental)

220, rue Bridge, Montréal
Surface Area: 1 224 m2

  • Technical Societies
ANJOU Building (rental)

8800, 1er Croissant, Anjou
Surface Area: 732 m2

QUEEN-MARY Building (rental)

3333, chemin Queen-Mary, Montréal
Surface Area: 636 m2

ROYALMOUNT Building (rental)

6100, avenue Royalmount, Montréal
Surface Area: 118 m2


2775, avenue Willowdale, Montréal
Surface Area: 508 m2

  • CPE Les petits génies (garderie)
OGILVY Building (rental)

405, rue Ogilvy, Montréal
Surface Area: 1 575 m2

LAVAL Building (rental)

317-319, boul. St-Elzéar, Laval
Surface Area: 1 022 m2

CHAUVEAU Building (rental)

5300, rue Chauveau, Montréal
Surface Area: 943 m2