Activity resumption toolkit - June 11, 2020

Greetings to all,

Now that lab activities during the pandemic can resume in a way that respects health and safety guidelines, Polytechnique has developed a toolkit to assist research teams. This toolkit is complementary to the Strategy and Guide to Research Activity Resumption, which Polytechnique Montréal sent last week.

In order to facilitate access to all appropriate materials, Polytechnique has created a Research Activity Resumption Toolkit.

In the toolkit:

Use of these tools is reserved for lab supervisors, who can speak with their department to place orders for signs from the Service de la reprographie, who are responsible for the printable files.

Given that knowledge about the disease continues to grow, this toolkit will be periodically revised. As a result, ensure you always refer to the online version.

Polytechnique hopes that these tools will provide a greater understanding of the factors and considerations related to lab presence at Polytechnique in the current context of COVID-19, as well as the contribution everyone can make to working in health and safety. Polytechnique relies on everyones’ cooperation, and is committed to an enjoyable and safe resumption of research activities for all.

If you questions about measures that have been implemented, or activity resumption processes or protocols, please email:

Philippe A. Tanguy, Ph.D., Eng.

François Bertrand, Ph.D., Eng.
Senior Vice-President
Vice-President, Academic and Research

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