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Using light and its wonderful characteristics, we study electrons, spins, phonons, excitons, polaritons in novel semiconductors, Van der Walls materials, and various types of nanostructures like quantum dots and defect centers. We explore more efficient ways to process and store information by exploiting the unique characteristics of quantum states and we work on the development of new material functionalities for applications ranging from energy conversion to photodynamic therapy. We are particularly interested in the fundamentals of light-matter interactions and solid-states excitations and work on the development of nanophotonic processing and sources of entangled photon chains.

Our research can be divided in two categories: spectroscopy and quantum control. The first unravels the properties and behavior of solid state excitations and the second takes light-matter interaction to the next level by actively controling the state of quantum states. These research activities are guided by our deep interest in solid state physics, lasers, and a lifelong fascination with quantum phenomena and quantum optics in particular. If you browse around, you will notice that we are pretty fond of photons. Bonne visite!