Former graduate members:  Hamed Abbasian (M.Sc.), Nicolas Duchêne (M.Sc.), Marc-André Dubois (Ph.D.), Julian Falardeau (M.Sc.), Louis-Philippe Simoneau (Ph.D.), Farzaneh Shayenganfar (PDF), Chloé Archambault (M.Sc.), Alexandre Beausoleil (Ph.D.), Arnaud Maillard (M.Sc., Ph.D.), Stéphane Bedwani (M.Sc., Ph.D.), Frédéric Leblond (PDF), Rachida Terki (PDF), Nicolas Boulanger-Lewandowski (M.Sc.), Ramon Martinez (M.Sc.), Sébastien Hamel (PDF), Étienne Bayard (M.Sc.), Steve Allen (PDF), Barnim Janta-Polczynski (M.Sc.), Mohamed Layachi (M.Sc.), Patrice Guay (M.Sc.)

©A. Rochefort, Polytechnique Montréal

The research projects of the Nanostructure’s team are generally focused on applied problems that are, for a majority, related to properties (structural and/or electronic) of materials. We address these problems with a pragmatic approach supported by rigorous molecular simulation methods with a strong emphasize on the visual representation of the processes studied.

Organic/metal, organic/organic interfaces

Spin-charge patterning on 2D materials with molecular self-assembling

Influence of a metal substrate on the magnetic coupling in 2D networks

Adsorption of large molecular assemblies on metallic and semiconducting surfaces 

Reactivity and stability of organic and metal-organic systems for water hydrolysis

Magnetic and Electronic properties of 1D-2D organic polymers

Electrochemical and physical properties of GS electrode in Li-S battery technology

Interaction of organics with metallic clusters and surfaces

Capture and methanation of CO2 by metal/MOF dual-functional materials

Materials Science & Engineering

Group members

Khalid Anindya (Ph.D. student, May 2020)

Simon Sprocq (Ph.D. student, September 2020)

Elie Haddad (Ph.D. student, September 2020)

Dylan Tassé (M.Sc. student, May 2023)

Francis Blais (B.Sc. student, summer internship + UPIR 2023)

Nicolas Donnelly (B.Sc. student, summer internship 2023)

Vincent Girouard (B.Sc. student, summer internship 2023)

Alain Rochefort (group leader)

summer 2023