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Mécanique des structures élancées

Flutter Instability in slender structures deforming with large displacement

Unbounded flow-induced oscillation leads to structural failure. This research project aims to determine the boundary of stability for geometrically nonlinear, slender structures using high-fidelity CFD-CSD simulations with robust coupling approaches. Experimental data from wind tunnel tests will validate the proposed model. M. Tari

Flutter of a flat plate in the wind tunnel test


On the mechanics of flow-induced vibrations of soft corals and particle interception 

Soft corals exhibit peculiar small and rapid vibrations when a surface sea wave crosses over. With numerical tools, we inquire into the origin of these yet unreported fast dynamics, and reveal their impact on the feeding rate of soft corals. This project would offer insight in biology research, and promote soft corals as a paradigm for bioinspired technologies and biomimetics applications. M. Boudina 
Mouad Boudina
Simulation of particle trajectories advected by a flow around a cylinder undergoing vortex-induced vibrations


Failure Analysis and Fabrication Optimization of Microstructured Fibers With Sacrificial Bonds

Microstructured fibers with sacrificial bonds fabricated by instability-assisted direct write show similar toughening mechanism as spider silk. In this project, we seek to understand the failure mechanisms of the microstructured fibers through tensile tests and finite element simulations. S. Zou
Shibo Zou
Finite element simulation of the bond breaking process in the uniaxial tensile test of microstructured fibers with sacrificial bonds
Anciens projets
Elastic reconfiguration of bending and twisting rods in air flow

Plants are generally flexible and deform significantly when subjected to flow. This deformation which generally leads to a drag reduction is termed reconfiguration. The objective of this research is to simplify the complex geometry of plants with an elastic rod to study their reconfiguration when undergoing a large deformation. This approach can also be used to model engineering structures such as slender wings and wind turbine blades. M. Hassani


Finite element optimization of beams used in houses made of steel structure 

Cold formed steel members are the linchpin of the BONE Structure houses and new extreme load cases or configuration can have a great impact on the design phase. The objective of this project is to optimize the beams in order to reduce their cost and improve their strength while dealing with BONE Structure building’s constraints. V. Vuillon 


Optimization design of compliant morphing wing

Morphing wings are more lift, drag and power efficient than traditional fixed wings. The project aims at designing a new flexible wing through compliant structure optimization, thus improving the aerodynamic performance. W. Peng