Laboratory for multiscale mechanics (LM2)

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Understanding and quantifying material behaviours through the hierarchy of scales, from the microstructure to the engineering structure, is essential to make greener airplanes, more reliable hydraulic turbines used in power plants, or new biomedical devices for personalized medicine. At the Laboratory for Multi-Scale Mechanics (LM2), we do this by tackling intricate problems of a multi-disciplinary nature spanning over multiple scales. For example, by tuning the interactions between nanoparticles and a polymer blend, we can achieve a 3D-printable smart material that can be used to fabricate microsensors to monitor the vibrations of a flapping-wing drone. Alternatively, upon understanding how microscopic cracks propagate in high performance alloys, it is possible to devise surface treatments for landing gears increasing their useful lives by a factor of 20. Finally, we are currently developing tomorrow’s multi-function materials, that will be shaped into added-value components through additive manufacturing, by combining innovative experimental and modelling approaches.