Material Processing

The Material Processing research area brings together professors working on the application of chemical engineering to the development of new materials and the optimization of existing materials. They are interested in different facets of this field, such as active, smart and sustainable packaging, biomaterials, nanocomposites, rheology and shaping behaviour, as well as gels, colloids and emulsions.

These research topics can then be applied in the following areas:
  • Biomedical, for example polymers, nanostructures in polymers and hydrogels for the 3D culture of cells that can be used for screening drugs
  • The agri-food industry, for example food packaging films to better preserve foodstuffs, and 3D printing of food
  • The environment, for example the development of nanostructure of polymeric nanocomposites for the detection of various gases
  • Aerospace, for example new materials for a spacecraft
  • The automobile industry, for example new lightweight and impact-resistant materials
  • The development of new types of compostable plastics based on renewable resources
  • High performance recycled polymer materials, to better reuse disposable plastics
  • Etc.