By choosing one of Polytechnique Montréal's graduate programs, you will join the 52,000 graduates who have, since 1873, contributed to an innovative and stimulating field of study. Watch as our ambassador Angela Velasco Acosta presents some of the reasons why our students thrive, why she chose to study at Polytechnique and what she appreciated most about her studies.

Destination Polytechnique Montréal provides you with a lot of information about the learning environment at Polytechnique: the different types of programs, gateways between them, a guided tour of the campus, services offered to students, steps to take in the immigration process, finding housing and more. We have assembled a variety of resources here to answer all your questions!

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Destination Polytechnique Montréal offers you the chance to speak with our team of advisers for future students and with current Poly students when you participate in one of our live Q&A sessions.

Register for any one of our sessions where you can meet other students who, like you, have received an offer of admission for the fall 2021 term, and to ask questions on topics that concern you! Please note that these sessions are not for responding to personal questions about your student file, your immigration file or your admission to Polytechnique.

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For all questions concerning your admission:


The Polyvirtuel site explains the measures that have been put in place by Polytechnique for the start of classes in fall 2021. Details about this year’s back-to-school will continue to be updated during spring and summer 2021.


The added value of graduate studies

You still have doubts about the added value of pursuing graduate studies versus entering the job market now? Watch this video and you will be convinced to accept your offer of admission.

Differences between types of programs and gateways between them

Do you want to make sure you make all the necessary financial arrangements before starting your program of study? Of course you do, it’s normal. Watch this video to learn how your tuition fees will be charged and find out about the resources available to you to help you pay them.

Billing and financial arrangements

Do you want to make sure you make all the necessary financial arrangements before starting your program of study? Of course you do, it’s normal. Watch this video to learn how your tuition fees will be charged and find out about the resources available to you to help you pay them.


Programs offered at Polytechnique do much more than lead you to your academic path. They offer students a vibrant university experience that helps them grow professionally.

Student Life : Student life at Poly is known for its lively character. Whether you are obsessed with engineering, a sporting fan or have artistic talents, if you enjoy getting involved in student politics or like participating in social activities (conferences, networking, themed weeks, parties), there is something here for everyone! (in French only)

Entrepreneurship: Is your dream to be involved in entrepreneurship? Advisers in the office to support entrepreneurship can provide you with the tools to take the necessary steps to translate your ideas into action. (in French only)​

PolyFab Normand Brais :

PolyFab Normand Brais is THE place to connect and exchange with others who are passionate about projects! Spend time in this active, collaborative and creative space to build a prototype, learn about manufacturing processes and access high-performance digital production equipment. PolyFab offers a vitrual visit so you can check out the facilities. (in French only)


It’s well known that the ambiance among our students is of collaboration and helping one another. Walking through our buildings, you will see just how seriously teamwork is taken as an important value. Being able to count on one another is one of the advantages of a university where everyone shares common interests in science and engineering.

That said, when you need an extra helping hand, professionals in Student Services (SEP) will be your best allies. Visit where you can access one-on-one counselling sessions, workshops, conferences and support programs to put everything in motion to foster your personal well-being and academic success.


You have successfully completed your graduate degree, adding another string to your bow to distinguish yourself from other candidates in the job market.

Listen to the more than 20 graduates who lived different experiences tell us about their time at Poly and reveal how their training has allowed them to make a positive impact on the world today.

Click on their photos and share their enthusiasm!

To best prepare for arriving at Poly


Polytechnique Montreal is today one of the largest teaching and research institutions in engineering in Canada ... but do you know its history and the values that guide its mission? Watch this short video to find out what the logo and emblem symbolize.

You have never had a chance to set foot on the Polytechnique Montréal campus? Visit our buildings with this video guided tour.

(in French only)

Montréal is one of the favourite cities of students, and for good reason! Festivals, music, shows, restaurants, open spaces and parks, cultural and sporting activities: there is something here for every taste in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Caution: by watching this video of your future learning and living environment, you may fall under the spell!


You are an international student and you are eager to join us in Montreal? That’s great! International students coming from everywhere in the world make up more than 26% of the student population at Polytechnique.

We understand you may be concerned about obtaining the necessary documents to start your program of study abroad. Watch this video capsule with international student adviser Caroline Ternaux who will inform you about immigration procedures to begin once you have received your letter of admission to Polytechnique Montréal.

(in French Only)

You live outside the Greater Montréal region and you would like some information about the realities of the housing market and the budget to consider before taking up residence near the campus?

Many resources are available to you, including the video capsule Finding housing in the Greater Montréal region, in which you will hear plenty of practical tips to guide you in your search to help you find housing that meets your needs.

Discover Montréal and Québec



GO-Poly is a program that welcomes you and integrates all the activities, resources and services offered to guide new students during their first year of study at Polytechnique Montréal.

Starting in May, the GO-Poly team will get in touch with you with informative newsletters and updated content on its website tailored to students like you who will begin studies in the fall term. This information includes registration, your schedule, course selection, insurance plans, access to computer resources, your student agenda and ID card, buying textbooks, hospitality and integration activities, etc.).

Keep an eye on your emails for updates!


About your program of study:

  • You want to know more about your future program of study? Consult the program webpage for which you have received an offer of admission or download these information documents.
  • You would like to see a budget to consider for pursuing your studies? Consult the approximate annual budget that can be adapted to your personal situation.

Keeping it balanced:

  • A healthy mind and a healthy body? CEPSUM gives you access to a wealth of physical activities adapted to you.
  • You’re a competition-calibre athlete? Why not enrich your experience by becoming a student-athlete with the Carabins?
  • The Université de Montréal offers an impressive array of cultural activities: ciné-campus, language courses, dance, theatre, photography and visual arts workshops. How better to express your creativity to flourish in a field that interests you!

For international students:

You have other questions about your admission to Polytechnique Montréal?

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