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Research project title

Valuing transport operational data

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Martin Trépanier

Co-director(s): Catherine Morency et autre collègues de génie civil, Bruno Agard et autres collègues de génie industriel

End of display

June 1, 2026

Areas of expertise

Transportation engineering

Management information systems


Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering

Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT)


Undergraduate or graduate studies in engineering, mathematics, statistics, business administration, computer science or other relevant fields.  Projects are chosen accordingly to interests and skills of candidates.

Detailed description

Transport systems generate tons of data, day after day.  This data has its own characteristics, notably spatial and temporal dimensions.  This asks for particular data processing methods, applied analytics, models, data mining and forecasting methods.  In ours projects, students will work in collaboration with research partners to develop methods and tools for data valuation. Among partners are the public transport authorities from Quebec and elsewhere, Quebec Ministry of Transport, Communauto carsharing company, private operators like SNCF, Keolis and Thales, and NPO like Jalon MTL, CargoM and others.  Projects sometimes concern the development of computerized tools, sometimes models, data mining and database design.  

Students are integrated into research teams in Mobilité chair, chair in Transport Transformation, CIRRELT.  They participate to group meetings, scientific and local conferences, work meetings with partners.  Before sending an application, it is recommended to contact professor Martin Trépanier.  Please specify the research fields that are found intersting, and attach a short CV.  Please browse through some publications of the professor to have a better knowledge of the research field.

Financing possibility

Unless there are special circumstances, students receive about $ 18,000 a year at the master's level and $ 20,000 a year at the doctoral level.

Martin Trépanier

Martin Trépanier

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