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Research project title

Resilience of Urban Water Supply: Development of Decision-Support Tools for Municipalities

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Françoise Bichai

End of display

December 31, 2020

Areas of expertise

Water resources and supply

Water quality, pollution

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

Research, development and validation center for water treatment technologies and processes (CREDEAU)

Detailed description

This project involves the work of several masters and doctoral students as well as undergraduate trainees. The project proposes a definition of resilience of urban water systems based on a risk assessment in drinking water supply from source to tap. Two dimensions of risk are considered, i.e. in terms of water quality (public health risk) and quantity (risk of water shortage), in face of natural or anthropogenic pressures (or hazards). Pressures can be gradual (climate change, urbanization) or abrupt (natural or human/industrial disasters). The studied systems, subject to these hazards, include the source, the treatment and the water distribution network. Analytical models need to be developed to quantify risks under various scenarios that incorporate emerging and decentralized urban water management strategies, in order to identify solutions leading to greater resilience of municipal water services. These models and analyses will lead to the development of decision-support tools to assist municipalities in risk management and to optimize decision-making on sustainable and resilient water supply strategies.

Françoise Bichai

Françoise Bichai

Assistant Professor

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