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Research project title

Performance Analysis and Monitoring of Distributed and Cloud Multi-core Computer Systems

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Michel Dagenais

End of display

December 31, 2020

Areas of expertise

Software and development

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering

Distributed open reliable systems analysis lab (DORSAL)

Detailed description

As part of an important research project financed by Ericsson, Ciena, AMD, Google and EfficiOS, in collaboration with several Linux kernel, Radeon Open Compute, and Eclipse / Theia developers, several Ph.D. and Masters students are needed to work on different aspects of the Tracing and Monitoring of Distributed Multi-core Systems in the area of telecommunications, cloud computing, high performance parallel computing, and Real-Time Systems. The objective of the project is to produce detailed execution traces for applications, libraries and operating systems on several physical or virtual distributed multi-core systems. Extremely low overhead tracing is required in order to study real-time production systems. New automated analysis modules are then needed to easily identify any problem or explain the elapsed time required for serving any request. The new algorithms and techniques developed are thereafter implemented in the open source Eclipse / Theia software development environment and used by developers around the world. Tools (, developed in collaboration with our group ( are used throughout the world.

Prospective students should have a marked interest for system programming, software development tools, the Linux kernel and free software tools such as Eclipse / Theia and GDB.

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Michel Dagenais

Michel Dagenais

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