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Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 4809 Fax: (514) 340-5763
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Civil engineering

Research areas description

The MADITUC research group develops oriented software regarding operational and informational preoccupations. Initially dedicated to optimal resource allocation and transit network simulation, in the last 20 years research has diversified into transport systems.

a) MADITUC (Modèle d'analyse désagrégée des itinéraires de transport urbain collectif), integrates various elements of transportation systems analysis: transit network simulation and household survey management in an interactive, graphic and micro-informatics environment.

b) MADQUOI - MADASARE - MADVIJIE: a data processing and procedural solution conceived for the regional Origin-Destination survey (1998, 2001, 2003, 2005) which integrates an intelligent questionnaire (interactive validation of data) based on territorial and operational georeferenced data.

c) MADINTER: a navigation system defining interlines routes between two oriented points based on a detailed road network.

d) MADPREP which allows rapid calculation of optimal transit routes between two georeferenced locations: origin and destination rely on spatially referenced databases (address, intersection, zip code and generator) and shortest path calculations rely on operational databases.

e) MADSUPER: operational and geomatic database management software which assures the descriptive and graphical updating of information (CAD and DBMS facilities).

f) MADNEIGE: system which systematizes information of itineraries for the removal of snow. It produces operation reports based on a detailed street network, computer assisted drawing (CAD) and data base management system.

g) MAD (QRSII): pedagogic model for rapid familiarization of the four-step model used for traffic prediction. This system integrates a french version of the simulation program QRS-II (Quick Response System – A.J.H. Associates)

h) Tous azimuts: Internet user information system for the calculation of transit itineraries on STM (Société de Transport de Montréal) network from a specific origin or destination and time of departure or arrival. Other versions are available on STL (Société de transport de Laval) and RTL (Réseau de Transport de Longueuil) web site.

i) MADGEO: incorporates a series of tools for the maintenance and display of geomatic data for the greater Montreal region. Such data typically consist of vectorized street networks, zone systems, municipal land use data, digital orthophotos, etc…

Actual research thematic:

  • GIS and Visualization of transport objects

  • Interactions between mobility and spatial dynamics

  • GPS instrumentation and Smart card in a transit context

  • Modal split

  • Para transit

  • Parking lots and carpool

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Number of graduate students: 10
Number of research agents: 3

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Developed instruments (for optimization, planning, and dissemination); series of databases (geomatic, demographic, mobility and networks); a number of computer programs - the computer programs include both mainframe and micro-computer modules that provide an integrated way of analyzing the information contained in the databases; important socio-demographic trends; development of interactive graphic methods for the spatial representation of complex phenomena and the validation of spatial data; Transport-GIS.