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Research project title

High-fidelity simulation of turbulent flame-wall interaction in gas-turbine low-carbon fuel combustion

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Bruno Savard

End of display

December 31, 2020

Areas of expertise

Aerospace, aeronautical and automotive engineering


Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Mechanical Engineering


A candidate with a strong background and interest in the following areas is seeked:

- fluid mechanics,

- thermodynamics,

- numerical methods,

- programming (C++,Fortran, MPI...).


Applications for a PhD are preferred, but strong applicants interested in a Research Master's will be considered.

The project will start as soon as possible. If you are interested, please send me an email with your CV and transcripts to

Detailed description

It is unlikely that gas turbines will be displaced from the energy sector within decades to come as they provide unmatched levels of energy and power density and are highly suitable to complement intermittent renewables (e.g., wind turbines, solar) due to their rapid response to fluctuating energy demand. As a result, it is essential for gas-turbine manufacturers to drastically reduce pollutant emissions, while increasing fuel flexibility (i.e., transition to advanced fuels with low to zero carbon and high hydrogen content), but this challenging task is constrained by our poor understanding of the highly complex combustion processes involved in these engines. The proposed project aims at improving this understanding by applying a high-fidelity simulation tool to a turbulent combustion scenario relevant to modern gas turbines. More specifically, the interaction between turbulent low-carbon flames and a surrogate combustor wall will be simulated to complement a series of experiments conducted by a postdoc in our group at the NRC in Ottawa. Close collaboration with the postdoc and Dr. Patrizio Vena at the NRC is expected.




Financing possibility

Unless particular circumstances, a stipend of approximately $20,000/year will be provided at the PhD level.

Bruno Savard

Bruno Savard

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