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Research project title

Development of a bioreactor production platform of high-value therapeutic agents from plant cells

Education level

Master (research-based)


Director: Mario Jolicoeur

End of display

October 31, 2026

Areas of expertise

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Chemical Engineering


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Detailed description

Context: In collaboration with the Biopterre Center and Viridios inc., this research project aims to provide Viridios with a process for producing therapeutic agents by culturing plant cells in a bioreactor. The research and development work will be based on a set of technologies developed by the laboratory.

Aim of the project: This master's project will contribute to the long-term objective of developing a complete process for the in vitro production and purification of therapeutic agents of plant origin of very high commercial value. More specifically, this project aims to develop a process for culturing plant cells in a bioreactor. Suspension and tissue cultures are considered. Tests will be carried out on Madagascar Periwinkle cells for the production of anti-cancer molecules. This project particularly includes the study of various methods to stimulate the production of biomolecules of interest in a bioreactor.

Financing possibility

Funding according to the CRSNG standards