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Research project title

Deisgn of self-adaptive Internet-of-Things systems

Education level



Director: Marios-Eleftherios Fokaefs

End of display

May 31, 2025

Areas of expertise

Modelling and simulation studies

Software engineering

Software and development


Distributed and parallel processing



Data communications

Mobile and personal communication

Adaptive, learning and evolutionary systems

Wireless communication systems

Control systems

Communications networks

Industry 4.0

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering



The candidate needs to provide evidence of competence in at least 3 of the following subjects:

1. DevOps

2. IoT/CPS

3. Cloud computing

4. Self-adaptive Systems (MAPE-K)

5. Software quality

6. Programming (python)


To apply, the candidate should contact the professor with the following information:

1. The word "IoT" in the subject of the email.

2. Proof of competence in the above subjects (courses, projects, papers).

3. CV

4. Transcripts

5. A critical review of one of these articles [1,2] (strengths, weakness, open questions) 1-2 pages.

Detailed description

IoT applications rely on continuously evolving objects of great heterogeneity and variability. For instance, the traffic information acquired from a transportation system relies on an ever-changing ecosystem of smart objects, including sensors, cars, trucks, traffic lights, belonging to different vendors or stakeholders, adhering to different standards and having changing capabilities. Developing, deploying and maintaining IoT systems—involving hardware devices, heterogeneous environments, numerous software components, network infrastructure, feedback loops and dynamic big data—is enormously challenging. Traditional software engineering and operation management approaches are not designed with such infrastructure complexity, heterogeneity and fluidity in mind. DevOps is a promising set of software engineering processes, methods, techniques and tools to systematically orchestrate highly dynamic software systems, such as IoT systems. The goal of DevOps is to combine the processes of continuous development and operations management of already deployed systems. By leveraging models at runtime (MART) and control theory, DevOps can equip IoT systems with capabilities for autonomous management and runtime adaptability including performance and security objectives. This is crucial for systems that operate within highly dynamic and high risk environments. In addition, Blockchain networks will be used to manage trustworthy and secure data flow within a heterogeneous ecosystem with various stakeholders.

Τhe present project aims at the development of software systems and architectures in the domain of IoT applications that will employ DevOps methodoloies to enable self-adaptation and runtime management of various aspects of quality and project management, including performance, resource utilisation, energy consumption, security, economics and user experience. Although the domain of application is not restricted, special attention will be given to smart cities, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart homes, and assisted living

Financing possibility

The candidate can be funded as part of the NSERC CREATE DITA program. Applicants are encouraged to apply for competitions for scholarships as additional funding.

Marios-Eleftherios Fokaefs

Marios-Eleftherios Fokaefs

Assistant Professor

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