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Research project title

Creative inspiration in UI/UX design leveraging data-driven approaches

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Jinghui Cheng

Co-director(s): Prof. Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau (Polytechnique Montréal) , Prof. Jin Guo (McGill University)

End of display

May 6, 2023

Areas of expertise

Information systems design

Software engineering

Artificial intelligence

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering

Detailed description

As interactive software systems increasingly make impacts on both the daily lives of a vast population and society as a whole, UI/UX design becomes a crucial and challenging activity. Gaining inspiration from existing design examples allows designers to follow important design conventions and activate essential creativity mechanisms of transforming, combining, and adapting elements from previous design ideas. This process has incubated important design innovations and continues to be a crucial aspect of successful UI/UX design. Although existing work has explored methods for retrieving and recommending design examples, most relied on similarity-based techniques. However, overexposure to examples with similar styles often results in "design fixation" that hinders creativity. Additionally, looking for inspirational examples that at the same time satisfy predefined constraints and requirements is also challenging.

In this project, we address these challenges by investigating a data-driven framework for providing diverse, relevant, and novel design examples that are relevant to the designers’ immediate work and at the same time support serendipitous creativity. In particular, we focus on (1) computer vision-based image comparison and generation techniques for extracting and recommending image-based design examples, (2) text-image traceability techniques that incorporate design constraints imposed by software requirements, and (3) eventually, a designer-centered tool that incorporates the designers' inspirational needs and the technical advances to support the creative UI/UX design process.

The HCDLab ( of Polytechnique Montreal is searching for PhD or master's students for this and several other projects. Prospective students should have a marked interest in human-computer interaction and user-centered research. Interested applicants should contact Prof. Jinghui Cheng at In the application package, please include (1) a CV, (2) a cover letter describing your research interests and previous research experiences, and (3) school transcript.

Financing possibility

Financial support is available.