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Complex phase diagrams for Li-ion battery electrolytes

Education level

Master (research-based)


Director: Julian Self

End of display

January 1, 2025

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Department of Chemical Engineering

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Current Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and portable electronics generally hold a liquid electrolyte that shows freezing around -25°C, leading to inoperability of the batteries. As this freezing point can be reduced through the control of chemical composition, the current project consists in drawing out the relevant phase diagrams of the liquid electrolytes of interest. The project will require both elaboration of in-house code (e.g. using Python language and libraries) as well as in-house software and code developed in the CRCT (Computational Center for Thermochemistry).  This work is primarily computational and theoretical.

Suggested background:
Knowledge of thermodynamics (e.g how to read a phase diagram)
Minimal knowledge of programming (e.g. Python)


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Julian Self

Julian Self

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